Melvin Goytia reviewed WOODY'S — 5 star
February 12, 2018 · 

I’ve been eating at Woody’s for years! Love the food and the owners are really Good People!

Maritza Bermudez Robles reviewed WOODY'S — 5 star
October 2, 2015 · 

I have always enjoyed Woody's hotdogs ever since he began selling at the hotdog its even better because he has a variety of scrumptious hotdogs that make your taste buds happy...I recommend it 100%!!!

Jonathan Cabral reviewed WOODY'S — 5 star
February 18, 2018 · 

A Hartford institution... Great owners! 

Daniel Laroche reviewed WOODY'S — 5 star
June 18, 2016 · 

The Deputy Dog was sooooo great! The people who work there are great as well. I plan to eat at Woody's anytime I travel to Hartford!

Myrta Hernandez reviewed WOODY'S — 5 star
June 6, 2017 · 

You visit Hartford must have Woody's Hotdogs. And owners are awesome always make you smile❤️
Henry G.

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they are the best dogs i ever had and i have eaten dogs from coast to coast ,the toasted buttered roll was outstanding. Don.t take my word for it try them yourself,state house sq. hartford ct

the best dogs i ever had and i love the posse list of dogs you can't get anywhere but woody's they were even featured on man vs food with Adam Richmond